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In line with latest HSE Requirements, we are still required to deliver Industry Compliant, Workplace First Aid & Fire Training in order to maintain the safety of the current workforce. Workplace First Aid is classed as an "Essential requirement" by the HSE under FAW Regulations 1981. To reassure all those training with us, we want you to know that although restrictions have now been removed, our aim is to maintain a CAUTIOUS approach to our training for the foreseeable future. We continue to offer/provide free face masks for participants to wear if necessary whilst on our training as part of our robust COVID-19 Policy. We also provide individual disposable face shields, for CPR and use 70% alcohol disinfectant on all of our equipment. We will even offer you a free temperature check on arrival if we feel the need or you or your fellow participants would like one!

Training at your site of work can also give you reassurance and the benefit of knowing that you are reducing the risks of mixing with others while in the comfort of your own surroundings. Contact us for a tailored quotation, totally bespoke to cover your concerns, requirements and needs. We want you to know that we will not let down our guard in our ambition to keep all of our customers and attendees safe and that we will continue to take the COVID-19 infection outbreak and any others very seriously. We continue to highlight some of the measures we have in place in order to maintain the continued safety and welfare for all of our participants who train with us. This list is not exhaustive and there are many more systems in place and things we do to protect the safety of all concerned. Feel free to call us and we can discuss these with you.

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  • I wanted to tell you personally how good the course was. An excellent instructor & I thought the whole operation was really proffessional. I appreciated the nice touches of sweets, pens and face sheilds on the table. Great course - Highly recommended to others. Posted: Q Gould - Q E School

  • Tony knew his stuff, engaging, humorous and a very good accommodating trainer. The first course I've enjoyed in a long time! The 3 days flew by and enjoyed every minute. Thanks for keeping me entertained and awake. That's quite a feat. Jo Timley

  • A really well presented course. The course flew by and I was surprised how much I enjoyed the week. Posted By: Mrs G Chapman - Paulton's Park

  • Ray was good fun and made it easy to learn, who knows where he gets his energy from to keep us that entertained all week. Excellent teacher, interesting and entertaining - much better than previous I have attended (name mentioned) Posted By: Mr Dan Brooks-Nunne

  • Thanks you Tony for making the day such fun and all the extra help - I could not have done it without you, you're a star. Great course!

  • Look forward to doing my next course with your company - excellent fun. I will never forget the first aid impressions as long as I live - Ray you are a one off!

  • Thank you for making the course syllabus relevant to my staff and for your extra help and advice. A very good course delivered by an excellent trainer. Posted Mr Dean White

  • The instructors were up for it from the start and really in touch with those in the group and made it an easy relaxed environment to learn. A very useful day. Excellent knowledge, teaching and pace - Good fun. Posted by: Jo Frampton

  • First Class First Aid made it easy from the start. We just chose a date and a venue and they turned up and delivered an excellent quality course for a fraction of the cost of our previous providers. Thanks for the pens and face shields. Posted: Rob Jones

  • We will never look elsewhere again. "They're not joking it is First Class First Aid!" Very reliable, efficient company - will use again and again! Posted by: Francine Crook - Autism Wessex

  • 2 excellent instructors on the course this week, very knowledgeable and made it fun to learn - thank you so much!   


First Class First Aid FAQs

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Information on Corona Virus (COVID-19).

First Class First Aid take the Health & Safety of our course attendees very seriously and review our high standards on a regular basis. We have produced the following information to reassure all attendees that we take the COVID-19 infection outbreak very seriously while also highlighting the measures we have in place in order to maintain the continued safety and welfare for all of our participants who train with us.

Please view our dedicated web page for full information which is updated frequently.

What do you mean by First Aid?

First Aid, put simply, is the immediate action taken in an emergency. It can stop a condition from worsening, encourage recovery and even save a life. It is an invaluable aspect of any working environment or indeed any life situation where an accident or sudden illness can occur.

What are the requirements for First Aid in the Workplace?

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to enable first aid to be given to employees if they are injured or become ill at work.

What is the minimum first aid provision I must provide?

The minimum first aid provision in any workplace is:

  • Having a first-aid box containing the right equipment.
  • Having a person appointed to oversee first aid provision

This applies to all workplaces including those with five or fewer employees, and to the self-employed.

What is an Appointed Person?

An Appointed Person is the person who is assigned to take charge of First Aid. This means taking control when someone is ill or injured, including calling 999. They are responsible for First Aid equipment and keeping boxes stocked up. An Appointed Person should be available at all times, so it may be necessary to appoint more than one to cover the workplace fully.

What is a First Aider?

A First Aider is a person who has successfully attended a 3 day First Aid At Work training course and who holds a current First Aid at Work certificate. More than one First Aider may be needed but a First Aider can undertake the duties of an Appointed Person.

How can I determine what First Aid training is needed?

The following list should help determine whether more than the minimum First Aid provision (i.e. a first aid box and someone to maintain this box) is required.

  • If you have 5 or more employees and an assessment identifies significant risks in your workplace, then first aiders may be needed.
  • If there any specific risks, for example: dangerous equipment, hazardous substances, then you will need to consider specific training for First Aiders and possibly extra First Aid equipment placed in the right position.
  • Patterns shown by the records of accidents and illness may affect where First Aiders and equipment are located and what type of First Aid equipment you have.
  • The number of people working on-site can affect whether or not First Aiders are needed and if so how many should be available on-site.
  • If anyone who works on site has a disability or health problem, then you may need more qualified First Aiders or special equipment sited in the correct place.
  • If the organisation has a number of sites or numerous floors, then you will need to consider provision in each building or on several of the floors.
  • If employees do shifts or out-of-hours working, then First Aid facilities need to be available all the time when people are at work.
  • If the workplace some distance away from emergency medical services, then Medical services will need to be informed of your location and you may need to make special arrangements with the emergency services.
  • If some of your employees travel extensively or work on their own, then Personal First Aid kits and mobile phones may need to be issued.
  • If any employees work at sites shared by other employers, then you will need to discuss provision with the other employers.
  • Any trainees on work experience need to be protected by your First Aiders and/or equipment.
  • If members of the public visit the premises, then you have no legal responsibilities for the public regarding First Aid but the HSE recommends that you include them in your First Aid provision.

How many First Aiders or Appointed Persons are required?

The number of First Aiders and Appointed Persons required depends on the workplace. The following table may help when deciding on the risks in your organisation and the relevant number of First Aid personnel required. The information in the table is not a legal requirement but illustrates suggestions offered by the HSE to help you decide:

Category of Risk People employed at
any one location
Suggested Number of First Aid Personnel
Lower Risk - fewer than 50
- 50-100
- more than 100
- at least one Appointed Person
- at least one First Aider
- one additional First Aider for every 100 employed
Medium Risk - fewer than 20
- 20-100
- more than 100
- at least one Appointed Person
- at least one First Aider for every 50 employed
- one additional First Aider for every 100 employed
Higher Risk - fewer than 5
- 5-50
- more than 50
- at least one Appointed Person
- at least one First Aider
- one additional First Aider for every 50 employed
(from First Aid At Work: Approved Code of Practice and Guidance, HSE Books)

What is the Requirement for Informing Employees about First Aid provision?

It is vital that everyone in the building knows where the first aid equipment is located and who is first aid trained. This can be advertised by displaying easy to understand first aid notices in effective locations. New staff should be informed of first aid procedures during induction training and remember to make special arrangements for those who have reading or language difficulties

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